Our Annual Fill A Bag Sale is Back!

Margaret Oliver

Our $10 fill a bag sale is BACK on Tuesday, September 12 from 6:00-7:00pm (or untill we SELL OUT!). These sales are always a ton of fun and a great way to score deals on brands you love like Forever 21, American Eagle, H&M, Express, and more! This year we are also including a large selection of N E W boutique clothing from Eastcraeft! This is to help us make room for a ton of new Fall inventory! If you have never been to one of our fill a bag sales before here's how it works:
1) We fill up our front room with clothing, shoes, and accessories that we have had for awhile in the shop and are ready to clear out. These are still GREAT items- just things we would love to see go to make room for new inventory! This year we will be including resale items (brands like Forever 21, H&M, Express, American Eagle. ETC) as well as some new boutique items (Some valued up to $38 a piece!!).
2) The line usually starts forming outside about an hour before opening. We open at 6:00PM, so arrive whenever you can! At about 5:50 we will come outside and hand everybody a bag to fill. These bags are approximately the size of a grocery shopping bag. Each person can fill one bag at a time to keep it fair to the line outside. If you want to fill more than one bag please bring a friend to fill a bag for you. You are also more than welcome to check out your first bag and return to the line to come in a second time.
3) At 6:00pm we will start letting people in the door. Due to the small amount of space in the shop we will be letting 20 people in the shop at a time (arrive early to be in the first 20!). Please be kind to the other shoppers and treat others how you would like to be treated! No pushing, shoving, etc. This has always been a successful event due to our customers being so great and respectful to each other! So be nice to each other so we can continue hosting these awesome sales every year!
PLEASE NOTE: These sales are first come first serve. Once we sell out we are OUT. 

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