Affirmations Crewneck

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I am love. I am purpose. I was made with divine intention. I am worthy. I am enough. I will not compare myself with strangers on the internet. I attract only good things. My presence is power. My strength is greater than my struggle. I am strong. Success and happiness come easily to me. I am what I believe. I have been given endless talents. I am in charge of my own self-worth. I am not pushed by my problems. I am led by my dreams. I am independent and self-sufficient. I am worthy of what I desire. I am loved by others and by myself. I nourish my body, mind, and soul. I make time to care for myself. I embrace change. I deserve peace. I am a gift. I am relaxed & calm. I am learning to forgive myself. I am proud of the person I am becoming. I am valuable. I am whole & complete as I am. My soul deserves to be nurtured. I make others smile. I honor my boundaries. I am creative. I am important. I am radiant. I am more than a body. The magic is in me. I am open to new opportunities. I will achieve my goals. I am not my mistakes. I carry an open, loving heart. I can let go of what I can’t change. I accept and love myself for who I am. I am me.


Unisex crewneck sweatshirt in navy blue and affirmations on the back! Perfect gift for yourself or your bestie.